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Posted on July 9th, 2012, 5:20

Sales enablement is the process of strengthening the sales team with strategic client oriented insights and information to ensure greater sales wins. There are different tools, processes and methodologies used for either direct or indirect sales enablement. A salesperson, therefore, needs resources which are specific to his sales interaction. Providing the sales team with such a sales enablement platform gives sellers access to the right sales resources and information.

An IDC research quotes that 33% of all unsuccessful clients could have worked, had the seller been better informed and made a more client oriented sales pitch. 57% of sales people are poorly prepared or worse totally unprepared for initial meetings with clients.
Sales enablement could very easily change those statistics and make marketers ready for those big successful sales pitches. Research analysts are of the opinion that those companies with sales enablement software in place that proactively utilizes the opportunities emerging in technology-mediated marketing, selling and processes of customer service, will score big sales wins and will grow to its full potential.

Therefore the key to accelerate revenues and enabling sales is to present the right kind of information in the hands of the right person used at the right time for the right sales pitch, thereby bringing more power to the
lead generation efforts.

Through process of sales enablement marketers can learn the strategies, tactics and programs that motivate prospects to move to the next level of buying.

Sales Enablement is the catalyst that completes the gap between sales and marketing, enabling a B2B company to work smart, reduce the risk of misinformation, and win through their sales lead scoring knowledge advantage. Equipped with the most up-to-date industry information and knowledge of objection handling will further develop and enhance a salespersonís pre-call research.

Benefits of implementing sales enablement solutions
∑         Focused client information and research.
∑         Perception of clientís issues so that solutions can thus be cited accordingly.
∑         Identify the best sales opportunities.
∑         Correctly gauge the ROI and their deliverance value

Make the sales team better prepared. Sales enablement solutions can be used as a strategic tool to drive sales behavior, foster business networking among sales people, improve quality of sales, and facilitate feedback between sellers and buyers.
Sales enablement solutions would ideally include client information which would simply provide sales people the big picture and be relevant and brief. Lead generation and lead nurturing efforts can be doubled through sales enablement.

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