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August 2012

Posted on August 31st, 2012, 2:06

The enterprise mobility market is expected to grow dramatically due to the rapid adoption of new technologies that enable businesses to connect with their workforce, customers and suppliers from anywhere at any time. Let’s look at some of the enterprise mobility market predictions.

By 2016, there will be 1 billion Smartphone/tablet consumers. Moreover, of the 1 billion, 20 million will be at the enterprise level. As far as mobile applications market is concerned, it will reach $55 billion. By 2015, mobile workers will account for 15% of all the global workers across different verticals such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, chemicals, and petroleum. (Forrester)

By 2016, 50% of the enterprise email users will depend largely on a browser, tablet, or mobile client instead of a desktop client. This point to the fact that by 2015 mobile app development projects aimed at Smartphones and tablets will exceed native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1. (Gartner)

By 2017, Global Enterprise Mobility Market would exceed US$ 173.9 billion. “Growing mobile worker population, emergence of sophisticated mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and introduction of several novel business applications will drive the market for enterprise mobility over the next few years.” (Global Industry Analysts (GIA))

The IT spending to reach US$ 1.8 trillion in 2012 with 20% being related to the mobility segment. (International Data Corporation (IDC))

Global location-based services platforms revenue to grow from $560 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion in 2015.(ABI Research)

By 2016, there will be 3 million health remote monitoring users. (Juniper Research)

Hence, to capitalize on enterprise mobility, businesses and ISVs must build applications with the following characteristics:

Intuitive and user-friendly
Support heterogeneous mobile environments (i.e., devices, OS, carriers, etc.)
Integrate with backend systems
Easy to install and manage
Meet stringent corporate security policies

Enterprises can develop mobile applications by partnering with global leaders who have their own Enterprise Mobility technology centers. These innovation labs design, develop and support cutting-edge enterprise applications on a wide range of mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry in verticals such as

Their capabilities include:
Advisory Technology

Overall Assessment
Build Enterprise Mobility Roadmap
Mobile Platform & Device Rollout Strategy
High Level Architecture
Backend Integration Strategy
Middleware Selection
Device Management
Security Considerations

Architecture, Engineering & Integration
Mobile Native Client & Mobile Web Development
Backend Integration
Middleware & Device Management
Platform & Device Porting

Professional Services & Support
Additional Platforms & Device Support
24x7 support

With enterprise mobility market showing an upward trend, enterprises must focus on mobile application development projects.

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Posted on August 27th, 2012, 2:12

B2B companies are constantly challenged to find new ways to attract and engage with prospects. With Internet providing website visitors with answers to most of their queries, prospects are equally aware about solutions and products that would suit their needs, the best. Therefore, designing and following a strategic lead generation program is imperative to keep prospects constantly engaged. There are certain website measures that are required to ensure that web pages attract warm prospects. Some of them are:

Help prospects find their way around
Website layouts must be inviting, simple and straightforward. Since most website visitors have minimum attention spans websites design should encourage them to take a look at other related pages as well. Landing pages must always project the most special offer or the highest benefit that is offered by the marketer. Simple rules like keeping content bold and bulleted should be followed.

Websites must engage visitors with interactive techniques such as polling, voting, sharing to gain prospect attention and encourage them to probe further. Marketers must remember that the website visitor can get confused when too many links are placed in the same area. So, it is best to provide only one URL where visitors can register or subscribe to receive website content. And most importantly, it is important to categorize content within website searches in order to provide visitors with relevant and updated information on the product or service.

Give clear instructions.
Websites must design innovative Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that help visitors to take the next step in acquiring a document or viewing a video. This primarily helps in taking the prospect interest to the next stage of the buying cycle. The CTAs must be placed near sign-up forms so that prospects don’t search for them. The CTA buttons must be linked to respective landing pages on the website.

Use form-fills to track visitor intent.
Website form-fills can help in storing registered user information and tracking their online activities. Marketers can use marketing automation solutions to track visitor movement. Such tools will be able to provide auto-responders once data has been filled in. It is imperative to confirm the request and ask visitors to provide more information; however, this should be done in a subtle manner. Once form is filled, website must provide feedback and suggestion forms as well. But, it is important to keep the questions less so that the user does not abandon the form-fill activity in between.

Some other rules for form-fills are:
  • Display your privacy policy at the end of the form-fill to assure the user that his information is secure.
  • Use B2B marketing automation software to track leads. They provide the necessary sales intelligence for lead nurturing process.

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Posted on August 16th, 2012, 4:21

The world of mobile phone technologies are no more restricted to mere gaming and social networking application and other generic browsing applications. Today Android-based Smartphones and its respective application developments have been increasing by the day.  There has been an increase in innovative games and apps, business apps and utilities with every passing day. The mobile market is an expanding one with approximately 32 percent new Smartphones and gadgets coming up every month.  Mobile industry experts are of opinion that is upsurge in mobile and android technology is owing to the excellent Smartphones that are being introduced by eminent mobile brands. It is also based on the free, accessible and open source nature of the OS.

Benefits of Android Development
There are numerous benefits of android development, such as:
·         One of the primary benefits comprise technologies like EDGE, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi technologies for transferring data through mobile networks
·         Complete design libraries including 2-D and 3-D graphics
·         Contains images, audio and image libraries
·         The technology also includes high-resolution video camera, touchscreen, accelerometer and GPS system
·         Peer-2-Peer using Google Talk.
·         SQLite module integrated for data storage.
·         Signed apps and signing of apps for publishing

Today eminent companies specializing in agile software development are conducting their research on innovative android as well as iPhone application development. Their mobile technology covers all kinds of operating systems, mobile devices and platforms. Furthermore, these companies have the expertise in developing, executing and supporting both enterprise and customer mobile applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices
·         iPad
·         iPhone
·         Motorola
·         LG
·         Samsung
·         Motorola
·         Microsoft
·         Nokia
·         BlackBerry
·         Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms
·         Android
·         iOS J2ME
·         BREW
·         Windows Mobile
·         Palm
·         Symbian
·         BlackBerry

Today there are several experts who are experienced using Android applications in order to cater to their client requirements. Multiple solution providers have established 2D and 3D with the help of advanced technology. Few of the general-in-demand applications comprises:

·         Business apps
·         Games
·         Security apps
·         Communication apps with location-based service
·         Utilities
·         Barcode Scanning systems
·         Travel apps
·         Multimedia apps          

That is not all. The modern day android developers in the recent times have established advanced applications utilizing the Android framework and also have set up third party mobile applications, for Pocket PC’s, PDA’s and other gadgets.

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Posted on August 14th, 2012, 0:49

B2B lead generation can be effectively leveraged with the help of intelligent marketing automation services. Marketing automation solutions and services provide the following benefits to B2B marketers.

Centralized database
Marketing automation software helps marketers to manage their leads database from one centralized platform. Whether it is consolidation of leads from different sources or providing separate visits and leads views, such platforms can help manage leads coming in through marketing campaign form fills, email campaigns, social media, etc.

Lead intelligence
Today, intelligent platforms are able to deduce lead intent and provide actionable intelligence such as company details, decision maker contact data, etc. Using this company level intelligence and buying intent of prospects, marketers can easily plan for personalized nurturing campaigns as well.

Identification of Marketing Qualified Leads
By providing marketers with lead intelligence, marketing automation services help to separate the ready-to-buy leads from the “low-intent driven browsing” website visitors.

Lead Scoring
For every visit and every activity registered on the site, marketers can score, qualify and prioritize leads, so that sales teams can focus only on the "higher quality" leads. Using lead trackers and marketing automation services marketers will be able to score based on demographics and website behavior. Also, these solutions help to set up email alerts whenever a lead crosses a threshold scoring level.

Lead Nurturing
Over a period of time, through constant scoring and obtaining lead intelligence information, marketers will be able to create marketing campaign workflows that can be executed in a timely manner, in order to reach out to those leads that have shown high interest in the company’s product. Marketing automation services help to create time based triggers for email nurturing campaigns. Such platforms also automate email campaigns in order to effectively deliver the product or solution message to prospects and customers.

Social Connectivity
Being socially active has become an imperative part of B2B marketing as well. Marketing automation services help to track social responses, track click throughs, and devise special campaigns to reach out to them.

Lead analytics is one of the highly rated benefits of B2B marketing automation services. The reports generated from leadtracker and marketing automation services help to increase effectiveness of inside sales and take timely and appropriate actions. Also, they are a great way to assess marketing spend and calculate return on investment from a financial point of view.

When combined with a proper roadmap for revenue generation by the company’s top management, services of marketing automation platforms can be efficiently leveraged to close business deals faster.

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Posted on August 10th, 2012, 3:44

Product development is defined as “The creation of products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer.” The success of any business enterprise lies in its ability to introduce new products into the market consistently. Product development refers to the entire process involved in either modifying an existing product or creating a new product from scratch and bringing it into the market. Let’s look at the process ofnew product development in detail.

·         Idea Generation
Idea generation refers to the use of methods and sources (either new or existing) to generate new ideas for products. For instance, SWOT analysis, market and consumer trends, Ethnographic discovery methods and trade shows. The company's R&D department, employees, competitors, salespeople, focus groups can contribute in generating ideas for products.

·         Idea Screening
In this phase, the new product ideas are screened in order to eliminate poor, unsuitable, unattractive, and unsound concepts before allocating resources to them. Most companies do idea screening by creating a checklist of attributes that they would like to see in the new product and then evaluate each idea with these attributes.

·         Concept Development and Testing
In this phase the concept is tested by using qualitative and quantitative methods to understand and measure customer attitudes and intentions before the introduction of the product in the market. Concept testing helps companies to measure customer response before the expensive and time consuming prototype development.

·         Business Analysis
During this phase, companies analyze important business and financial matters such as cost projections, competition, demand projections, required investment profitability and so on.

·         Product Development and Market Testing
This phase involves creation of product prototype and identification of a viable marketing strategy. The prototype is tested in typical usage situations, introduced in trade shows in order to understand customer response. Based on the response, changes are made and then an initial run of the product is developed. Market testing or test marketing involves selling the product in a test market and evaluating customer acceptance.

·         Commercialization
This phase involves launching and promotion of the product. Companies place advertisements and thus implement a total marketing plan.

Several companies provide product development services such as ideation services, product engineering services, product R&D services,product engineeringand so on. Enterprises can seek the help of these companies in overcoming their challenges in developing high-quality products, releasing new features ahead of the competition, and customizing products for different languages, technologies and customer requirements at reduced operating costs and risks.


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Today’s B2B lead generation activity is a greater challenge for marketers than it was a few years ago. Also, the ability of the buyer to investigate and collect seller information has increased manifold, thanks to the presence of research sites and social media sharing. For this reason, it is extremely important for B2B marketing companies to be able to target the right customer and the prospect with rightly timed messages. Therefore, it is imperative for marketers to use automated solutions that help them to proactively respond to prospect and customer needs.

Lead Intent and Behavior Analysis
  • Marketing automation solutions can provide lead intent and behavioral analysis information that can be used to understand where the prospects are in the buying process, and what interests them.
  • The intent information is arrived at irrespective of whether the visitor filled a form or not and the software takes into account the sequence of activities of the visitor on the website, the pages and phrases he was interested in, the actions he took on the website and how much time he spent.
  • Such behavioral tracking and analysis, especially when combined with historical information and when seen from a company level decision making view, helps to assess what the visitor is looking for as a solution.

Lead Scoring and Campaign Management
  • Important lead management activities like lead scoring, campaign management are some of the important activities that can be automated using marketing automation software.
  • With robust marketing automation applications, leads can now be automatically scored and prioritized based on their activity, interest and intent.
  • Based on lead scoring, marketing teams can differentiate between leads that are sales ready and those that are not.
  • Accordingly, they can pass on the sales ready leads to sales teams and focus their efforts on lead nurturing for the others.

Content Management
  • Since content needs to be highly personalized based on the buying power of the purchaser, B2B marketing automation solutions help to personalize and customize content sharing with prospects in a timely manner.
  • These solutions also help to segment the messaging and act as repositories for content management as well.

By integrating marketing automation solutions with existing CRM systems, B2B companies can align their sales and marketing goals, get an insight into the leads generated at each stage of the sales cycle and accurately measure their marketing campaign's ROI as well.

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Posted on August 1st, 2012, 23:29

Android today is the fastest-growing mobile OS thanks to its multi channel and multi carrier OS. Every day more than 1 million new Android mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets are activated worldwide, which definitely proves beyond doubt the popularity of android devices among the customers.

The most favorite aspect of Android for customers and developers alike is the open and customizable nature of its operating system. This open and customizable nature makes it easy to be used on other electronics including smartbooks, netbooks, eBook readers, laptops, and smart TVs despite being designed primarily for Smartphones and tablets. Android mobile devices have led to the creation of billions of virtual offices, libraries, movie theaters, and shopping malls that move along with the customers.

Android devices are definitely smart but to stay ahead in a market characterized by intense competition and extreme volatility, android mobile devices need to be smarter. Today the customers’ digital lives are constantly changing as they live in a world where each day starts with new discoveries, innovations, and applications. In such a scenario, the objective of every Android development team when carrying out android application development is to constantly  grow and expand to develop devices and applications that fit into customers' ever-changing digital lives – all while keeping them connected to their business and social networks.

Enterprises looking for a perfect partner for mobile R&D services should opt for one who has a deep understanding of the dynamic environment of Android software development. There are many eminent application development service providers whose mobile technology expertise spans all major mobile devices, operating systems, and platforms. Not only that, they design, develop, implement, test and support both consumer and enterprise mobile applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices

·         iPad

·         iPhone

·         Motorola

·         LG

·         Samsung

·         Motorola

·         Microsoft

·         Nokia

·         BlackBerry

·         Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms

·         Android

·         iOS J2ME

·         BREW

·         Windows Mobile

·         Palm

·         Symbian

·         BlackBerry

Their Android application development capabilities include:

·         Building a wide range of applications for VoIP, streaming, social networking, messaging, remote device management, etc

·         Ensuring a rich user experience, including effects &and gesture implementation

·         Modifying native applications like Dialer, Calendar, Clock, Photo & Camera, Phone, Idle, etc

·         Designing widget-based applications using Android´s widget framework

·         Developing social networking aggregators and plug-in frameworks

The best thing about Android application development process is that it constantly evolves to develop powerful, differentiated applications using the latest mobile technologies.

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