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Posted on August 16th, 2012, 4:21

The world of mobile phone technologies are no more restricted to mere gaming and social networking application and other generic browsing applications. Today Android-based Smartphones and its respective application developments have been increasing by the day.  There has been an increase in innovative games and apps, business apps and utilities with every passing day. The mobile market is an expanding one with approximately 32 percent new Smartphones and gadgets coming up every month.  Mobile industry experts are of opinion that is upsurge in mobile and android technology is owing to the excellent Smartphones that are being introduced by eminent mobile brands. It is also based on the free, accessible and open source nature of the OS.

Benefits of Android Development
There are numerous benefits of android development, such as:
        One of the primary benefits comprise technologies like EDGE, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi technologies for transferring data through mobile networks
        Complete design libraries including 2-D and 3-D graphics
        Contains images, audio and image libraries
        The technology also includes high-resolution video camera, touchscreen, accelerometer and GPS system
        Peer-2-Peer using Google Talk.
        SQLite module integrated for data storage.
        Signed apps and signing of apps for publishing

Today eminent companies specializing in agile software development are conducting their research on innovative android as well as iPhone application development. Their mobile technology covers all kinds of operating systems, mobile devices and platforms. Furthermore, these companies have the expertise in developing, executing and supporting both enterprise and customer mobile applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices
        Sony Ericsson

Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms
        iOS J2ME
        Windows Mobile

Today there are several experts who are experienced using Android applications in order to cater to their client requirements. Multiple solution providers have established 2D and 3D with the help of advanced technology. Few of the general-in-demand applications comprises:

        Business apps
        Security apps
        Communication apps with location-based service
        Barcode Scanning systems
        Travel apps
        Multimedia apps          

That is not all. The modern day android developers in the recent times have established advanced applications utilizing the Android framework and also have set up third party mobile applications, for Pocket PCs, PDAs and other gadgets.

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