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Posted on August 27th, 2012, 2:12

B2B companies are constantly challenged to find new ways to attract and engage with prospects. With Internet providing website visitors with answers to most of their queries, prospects are equally aware about solutions and products that would suit their needs, the best. Therefore, designing and following a strategic lead generation program is imperative to keep prospects constantly engaged. There are certain website measures that are required to ensure that web pages attract warm prospects. Some of them are:

Help prospects find their way around
Website layouts must be inviting, simple and straightforward. Since most website visitors have minimum attention spans websites design should encourage them to take a look at other related pages as well. Landing pages must always project the most special offer or the highest benefit that is offered by the marketer. Simple rules like keeping content bold and bulleted should be followed.

Websites must engage visitors with interactive techniques such as polling, voting, sharing to gain prospect attention and encourage them to probe further. Marketers must remember that the website visitor can get confused when too many links are placed in the same area. So, it is best to provide only one URL where visitors can register or subscribe to receive website content. And most importantly, it is important to categorize content within website searches in order to provide visitors with relevant and updated information on the product or service.

Give clear instructions.
Websites must design innovative Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that help visitors to take the next step in acquiring a document or viewing a video. This primarily helps in taking the prospect interest to the next stage of the buying cycle. The CTAs must be placed near sign-up forms so that prospects donít search for them. The CTA buttons must be linked to respective landing pages on the website.

Use form-fills to track visitor intent.
Website form-fills can help in storing registered user information and tracking their online activities. Marketers can use marketing automation solutions to track visitor movement. Such tools will be able to provide auto-responders once data has been filled in. It is imperative to confirm the request and ask visitors to provide more information; however, this should be done in a subtle manner. Once form is filled, website must provide feedback and suggestion forms as well. But, it is important to keep the questions less so that the user does not abandon the form-fill activity in between.

Some other rules for form-fills are:
  • Display your privacy policy at the end of the form-fill to assure the user that his information is secure.
  • Use B2B marketing automation software to track leads. They provide the necessary sales intelligence for lead nurturing process.

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