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Posted on September 14th, 2012, 0:41

Today, there is a huge increase in the number of channels marketing uses for creating brand awareness and for generating leads.  Despite this, there is a visible shortfall in the number of quality leads generated by the marketing team. A difference in perceptions is where the divide between Sales and Marketing starts.B2B companies are losing huge amounts of money because of the Sales-Marketing disconnect in their organizations.

The Sales and Marketing disconnect largely reduces the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and the efficiency of Sales’ efforts to pursue and close deals. Marketing automation can empower marketers with the required lead intelligence while marketing content can instil the ‘trust’ factor with the marketed product.

In B2B marketing, the lead generation process plays a crucial role. It is a phase where B2B marketers actively identify buyers who are interested in their offerings and aim to procure the prospective customer’s contact information.To differentiate a prospect from a website visitor is quite challenging because the marketer is not aware of the intent of his visit. The possibility that a visitor is a prospect depends on the source from where he has reached the corporate website.

Marketing Automation makes lead generation and lead management a real-time collaborative process. The communication process is two-way, where Sales provides input to help Marketing optimize its campaigns and, Marketing runs targeted campaigns to drive quality leads.

Marketing automation software platforms provide a solution for resolving the sales and marketing split and keeps both happy by ensuring a sales funnel full with qualified leads. Used optimally, marketing automation can actually deliver extraordinary results in a short time-frame.

It significantly shortens the time between lead generation and lead closure because it recognizes the buying process as a group activity and hence takes into account all activities by an enterprise at different times before qualifying them as a ‘sales ready lead’.

Some of the other benefits for B2B marketers are listed below.
  • Sales teams can be empowered with ample prospect information that can help them to focus on lead nurturing programs, and hence, bring down the overall sales cycle.
  • Marketing outreach programs can be improved by using effective social collaboration techniques.
  • Webpage optimization groups can easily find ways to increase website traffic and refine webpage content.

Above all, sales teams can assess whether the prospect can be converted into a business opportunity based on the interest areas on the website and the buying power of the prospect. And, this information becomes important for Sales to carry on with lead nurturing programs as well.

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