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Posted on October 22nd, 2012, 3:06

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, has reshaped the way corporate houses as well as small and medium enterprises conduct the day-today business. Enterprises have made use of the capabilities of the Internet and has paved way for businesses to build new methods of providing consumers with products and services in more profitable ways. E-commerce acts as carriers of business and commercial activities over a specific network.

E-commerce solutions though different from the traditional retail store solutions to market a product or service, works in the same format of transferring the ownership rights of goods and services. Further, having entered a digital era, the entire transactions are also electronic format.  Today with the enterprises looking out for a wide global network, retail store solutions across the length and breadth of  world is an expensive option. Global enterprises thus make use of both e-commerce solutions and physical stores to ensure a profit oriented business.

The e commerce solutions are used by the new age enterprises to create virtual storefronts websites which are  teamed up with the physical stores to increase the brand image. Basically e-commerce solutions fall into 3 sectors- business to consumer, busies-to-business and consumer-to-consumer  though mainly the B2b and B2C are the most considered ones. Electronic commerce along with the advent of new technological innovations and banking software solutions have opened up avenues for online payment mode which helps both the parties irrespective of this being a B2B or B2C transaction. For the consumers, this has opened avenues of shopping from the comfort zones, with the entire world ready to be explored.

Further, the advent of technological innovations and mobile applications   has empowered the consumers with anytime anywhere access to the web stores. The applications from the mobile application development companies, along with other e-commerce solutions have revolutionized the business world.  The eCommerce solutions help enterprises in areas of web-based management of inventory, development of web portals for event management and ticketing, creation of online auction engines optimized content generation and a scalable platform for digital content delivery.

The boosting effect on the sales graph of the enterprises which has taken the e-commerce route has made such solutions a part of every organizations marketing strategy.  Today, irrespective of the size, enterprises make use of various e-commerce solutions   to market their product to a wide global customer base. With a number of distribution channels, e commerce today has reached greater heights. Besides referring to online buying and selling of the product or services it covers any type of business that allows exchange of goods and services between corporations. The banking software solutions help the e commerce market to handle a secure and real-time transfer of funds.

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