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Posted on November 27th, 2012, 1:32

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inbound marketing technique that helps B2B marketers to be found by prospects, while lead generation means focusing on activities that drive traffic to website. For a website link to be visible to prospective clients, B2B web pages need to be search engine optimized. Here are some important tips.

Title Page

  • Every html document must have a TITLE element in the head section, commonly referred as a Meta tag (title tag).
  • The title Meta tag is placed in the html source code of the web page in a browser, at the very top of the page right after the opening <head> tag. In the Meta Description.
  • This Meta tag is usually placed beneath the title and Meta description tags in the headline section of the pagesí HTML code.
  • The description tag goes below the TITLE and above CSS. It should be short and should be kept fewer than 200 characters.
  • Meta Description is also the text (summary) that is displayed in the search results, just below the page Title.

  • Include the keyword in the headline as it carries more value.
  • A sub-headline tag has more authority over the next level tag and so on.
  • Write unique keywords within the headline tag with a short sentence or a tag line including the relevant keyword.
  • In sub-headlines, emphasize the use of the headline tags to highlight the relevant keywords in the headings of the web pages

  • Give emphasis on the selected keyword, so that it will be easier for the search engine spiders to determine the keywords.  Overall, it is better to use bold or strong tags on the targeted keyword so that marketing automation tools will be able to derive metrics for keyword clicks.
  • Keywords in the URL are important because they influence the way people link to the marketed product. Hyphens can be included to accommodate multiple phrases in a keyword. Include at least one internal link with keyword as anchor text.
  • The internal links help web pages in the website to get indexed by the search engines, build the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase included as an anchor text, and increase the page rank of an internal page.  Marketing automation software can be deployed to track links clicked by website visitors, which can be used for lead generation.
  • Include the keyword in the alt tag on one of the image. If the B2B web pages use images, image maps or photos, the ALT image tags must be used. ALT image tags are an extension to images which displays alternative text for users who cannot read images (such as Search Engines).

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