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Posted on December 10th, 2012, 21:36

Drip campaigns aid B2B marketers to identify where recipients are in the sales cycle, and place them in different stages of lead nurturing. Drip campaigning is an effective way to keep in touch with prospects as well.

In advanced drip email marketing marketers can send customized or personalized targeted email messages to their prospects. Marketing automation tools help to execute email drip campaigns based on a trigger. For example, a drip campaign could be initiated when a visitor fills out a form on the website or, when the prospect reaches a particular lead score or, when the visitor opts to obtain specified information. The marketing email manager may also initiate a drip campaign by targeting a particular list of prospects. Here are some of the different ways marketers can benefit from marketing automation tools.

  • Whenever a prospectís clicks any link in the marketing website, marketing automation tools helps to track website behaviour so that a campaign is initiated based on the prospect's intent and interest implicitly.

  • Marketers can also use the tool to initiate a campaign when the visitor explicitly requests particular information. This enables prospect segmentation and provides prospective buyers with information which is relevant to them within their buying stage (early to sales ready).
  • At any point in time it is essential to know how many prospects are present in each stage of the drip campaign, and whether prospects have reached the conversion stage and are "sales-ready".
  • The automation solution can help marketers monitor the effectiveness of individual steps in the campaign process.
  • They can easily evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and determine where to make relevant changes to improve effectiveness.
  • Marketers can track engagements on the client website as well. They can then convert offline engagements to online engagements.

  • It becomes easy to monitor & measure the intent of every engagement on the website based on the browsing patterns visitors display. Marketers can also score and compartmentalize prospects based on their intent levels.

  • It is easy to nurture prospects based on the various intent buckets/compartments they fall into. It is possible to create templates for each engagement and define rules and the process flow for every interaction with the engaged lead.

Based on metrics, marketers can nurture the engagement using both written and verbal interactions. Marketing automation tools can be effectively used for lead nurturing and lead management.

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