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Posted on January 7th, 2013, 4:38

Different people have different definitions for advisory services. However, to define in simple terms, advisory services indicate certain directions, guidelines and advices offered by a firm or a specific individual post a retainer/customer/client association has been set up.

This can be elucidated with an example of any enterprise that wants to establish a complete service legal department and to start up requires recruiting about 10 lawyers. Every lawyer is given a certain task and is accountable for specific roles, such as affirmative action, product liability and many more. Many organizations today are not huge in size and are expanding in order to carry out the tasks. As a result they outsource a law firm on a contractual basis. This procedure helps them not to appoint a new lawyer every time there is a legal issue to be addressed. Rather, the companies leverage the already established association over a span of time with the law firms and bank on them to efficiently manage and monitor the legal concerns effectively.

The same policy can be also applied in resolving business system concerns and other issues related to IT and technology. There are enterprises that address these concerns by dealing with them one at a time. They take out time to go through the proposals, award projects, and carry on interviews and so on. It is crucial to assess and analyze the issues from the business perspective. This refers to creating an appropriate architectural strategy that would manage all the business processes and the organization-wide ROI.

Today there are companies that specialize in software product development and have introduced efficient advisory services. The services offered functions in a way to bring maximized consumer profitability. Added on to that, these solutions provide the consumers with innovative optimization opportunities that can address the crucial challenges along with altering operations. Majority service providers offering advisory services work with an aim to transform the business than merely to downsize or re-engineer the business process.

 The focus areas are:



        Distributed Agile Development

        Location Portfolio Strategy

        Product Delivery / Deployment

        Product Architecture

        Test Transformation

        Captive Transformation

In addition to this, the primary objective of the advisory services is not only to bring down the client expenses, but also to optimize the technology and business in a way that it can reassign management bandwidth to quality practices. To be able to attain this service providers efficiently coordinate with their research and development team for enhancing the technologies, processes and the complete product quality.

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