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Posted on August 5th, 2015, 6:06

We Indians have an undeniable sweet -tooth, sweets not only form an important part of our cuisine but also culture. We look at sweets in a different way than the rest of the world. We love our sweets so much that they are not just something that we end our meals with but they are part of our festivals, gatherings, welcoming guests, sending gifts for occasions. We are not satisfied with just cakes, candies and cookies. Our sweets have to be rich, creamy or syrupy, melt-in- the- mouth or crispy and bursting with fresh flavors like cardamom, rose water or saffron.

Traditionally Indian Sweets are not baked like cakes or cookies. They are either fried or steamed and sometimes soaked in condensed milk or flavored with sugar syrup. Broadly, Indian Sweets are categorized in 2 varieties milk based sweets like Rabri, Peda, Rasmalai, Kalakand, Rasgulla, Sandesh etc and flour based sweets like  Ladoo, Barfi, Malpua, Halwa etc. There are hundreds of varieties of Indian sweets, the most popular being Sandesh, Kaju Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, Rasgulla, Mysore Pak, Kakinada Kaja, Putarekulu, Jalebi. They are rich in contents like milk, khoya, sugar, dry fruits and are healthy if consumed in moderation.

Contrary to what many believe that sweets cause nothing but weight gain, we Indians like to think that there are some benefits of consuming adulteration free sweets after meals or some varieties like peanut chikkis as snacks. Eating sweets have actually been noted as being beneficial to weight loss, yes there are some benefits of consuming sweets in moderation on a regular basis. Practically having a small sweet dessert or snack satisfies cravings and prevents from binging. Indian Sweets are often loaded with plenty of nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, protein, good fats- monounsaturated fats and a whole lot of energy.

And for the really calorie conscious people out there, there is really no need to worry. There are plenty of low calorie sweets available these days that are both healthy and delicious. There are sugar free milavat free sweets available these days keep a check on the calories, without compromising on the taste and flavor. With most Indian sweets available online now, all you need to do is go online and buy online sweets in India. Gorge on those sweets in moderation and do not be afraid, they are milavat free, sugar free and packed with nutrients.
By Josephmax, in: General