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September 2015

Posted on September 7th, 2015, 8:57

In today’s hectic life styles and demanding work schedules, event planners are quite in demand. This is because today people work hard, but they like to party harder. As people get to meet their friends and relatives only on rare occasions; birthdays, weddings, engagements, and receptions are a good excuse to plan a celebration. And event planners help make these functions cum get-togethers special and memorable.

For a function to be spectacular and stunning, a great deal of planning, designing and detailing is required. Event planners having the expertise of organizing many such functions can come up with unique ideas and suggestions to bring smiles on lot many faces. Be it a wedding function, a birthday party or a corporate event, event planners will ensure that on your special day you and your guests get to enjoy a grand function/event. They excel not only in providing traditional and contemporary styles but also in blending modern style with classic elegance.

Event planners take on different roles – from overseeing the co-ordination and execution of the event/function to budgeting to guiding you in the right direction with proper suggestions – in order to ensure a positive experience for you. Event planners help take celebration a notch higher.

As event planning is a thriving industry, it is important to choose event planners carefully. There have been many occasions where people are left with regrets and misgivings regarding the arrangements of the event / party/ function. The following are some important factors to be considered when selecting an event planner /organizer.

  • Never ever try out new event planners for organizing an important event/function. Lack of experience can lead to dissatisfactory arrangements and budget going overboard.

  • Base your selection on legitimate credentials rather than on pretty pictures sent through email.

  • Discuss on the budget so that they do not surprise you with hidden fees and policies.

  • As event planners are as good as their last event/function, ask for trusted references to understand their mode of work.

Estique, for instance, the leading event/wedding/birthday party organizers in Hyderabad, have a team of professionals to put together events/functions/parties that are memorable, successful and entertaining. They provide wonderful girls and boys birthday party themes and decorate the party hall as per the theme. These wedding planners pay great attention to detail, as they firmly believe that a beautiful décor helps to create an incredible ambience. Having Estique by your side can help you realize many dreams of your loved ones. So think Estique when you are planning any event/party/function.

By Josephmax, in: General