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October 2015

Posted on October 28th, 2015, 6:21


When organizing birthday parties for kids, parents need to make sure of one thing and it’s not theme, color scheme, décor, food, or games. Not that these are not important elements for an incredible birthday party, but it is a fact that these alone would not guarantee an awesome kids party. There should be loads of fun as it is fun and merriment that every child remembers about a birthday party. Even if there is an awesome theme, beautiful décor, excellent color scheme or great ambience, if the kids did not have fun or enjoy a bit, then that birthday party is a failure for sure.

Most parents when organizing birthday parties for kids often give top priority for finding the best theme, décor, menu and games but fail to give prominence to fun and enjoyment, which is the essence of kids’ parties. It is often difficult for parents to think beyond the usual elements as they have no experience in organizing parties. In such a scenario, hiring the services of professional birthday organizers can help parents host the best party ever. Having abundant expertise in planning and organizing parties for kids, they can provide unique ideas and suggestions for amplifying the fun quotient. Here is a look at some of the means to up the fun element in kids’ birthday parties.

Emcee or a master of ceremonies is hired to amuse or entertain the children. Most emcees play the twin roles of a host as well as an entertainer. They engage the audience attention by telling jokes and anecdotes. Otherwise, they keep the event moving by presenting performers and informing the guests about the various entertainment or fun activities. They also guide the kids in performing activities.

Costumed Characters
People wearing character costumes are a great hit among children. From cartoon characters to real life characters, they add a lot of fun and enjoyment in birthday parties. You can select characters based on the theme that you have chosen for the party.

Music and dance are something that no party can do without. Let the kids dance to the latest songs by hiring a DJ for the party. Select a playlist that kids love to listen and dance. Also include karaoke so that kids can sing their favorite songs.

Magic Show
All children are fascinated by magic. Arrange a magic show and let the children see the world of illusion. Request the magician to teach the children one or two simple tricks so that they can impress their family and friends.

Estique, one of the leading birthday party organizers in Hyderabad, employ different means to augment the fun element in birthday parties. Apart from birthday cake ideas or boys/girls birthday party themes or fun and entertainment activities, Estique provides a plethora of suggestions for a bang on rocking party.

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Maharashtra occupies the western and central part of the country and has an extensive coastline along the Arabian Sea. It is no wonder then that most of the Maharashtrian cuisine relies heavily on seafood and coconut and is often very spicy.  Maharashtrian sweets are mainly made of coconut, lentils, jaggery. A lot of sweets are prepared during the festivals and sweets are served as desserts as well as at the beginning of a meal. Every Marathi household has sweets because the sweets play a refreshing change to hot and spicy Maharastrians curries. Maharashtrians like to celebrate festivals by sharing sweets with their friends and families.

Puran Poli is one of the most popular sweets in the Maharashtrian cuisine. It is made with jaggery, yellow gram, plain flour, cardamom powder and ghee. It is made at almost all festivals and especially on special occasions. It is eaten after meals or as a snack and is present in almost all Maharashtrian festive occasions. Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made of strained yogurt and one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian cuisine as well as Gujarati cuisine. Srikhand is often eaten along with puris. It is served chilled and garnished with toasted dry fruits and saffron. Kanawla is a small deep fried dumpling, is usually made in large amounts and distributed on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Kharwas is a unique sweet which is like a custard and cheesecake. Sheera, a semolina sweet dish, is another favourite during Maharashtrian weddings.

During festivals, an array of sweet dishes is prepared in each household. These are the must have delicacies of Maharashtra. During Ganesh Utsav , each household prepares a variety of sweets and other savory dishes. Some of the famous dishes made are modak, moti chur laddoo, khopra pak, shrikhand, , moong dal halwa, kaju katli, karanji, chivda and besan laddoo.

Another coastal state lying at the south of Maharashtra, Goa is famous for its natural beaches and sea food. The cultural mix of Indian, Arabic and Portuguese cooking is what makes their cuisine so unique. The culinary wonders of Goa include so much more than just seafood. Goa boasts of Bebinca, a layered pudding garnished with dry fruits. Another loved delicacy in Goa is Perad, it’s nothing but traditionally made guava cheese or guava halwa. Dodol is yet another popular mithai made with coconut, rice flour and jaggery during Christmas in Goa.

Apart from these unique sweets, the quintessential halwa, barfi, laddus, rasgullas, gulab jamuns are also equally savoured by people from Maharashtra and Goa. Thinking of ordering sweets online, look no further just go online and order your pack of milavat free mithai from leading online sites.

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Dry Fruits have been a part of Indian diet and culture since times immemorial. Along with the numerous health benefits that they offer, dry fruits are also an excellent source of vital nutrients and healthy oils that help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Dry fruits are the fruits from which most of the water content has been removed so as to increase their shelf life and also make them highly nutritional and sweet. Dry fruits retain the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits. They can be added to daily diet to can stay healthy and fit.

With so many brands and varieties available in the market, buying the right packet of dry fruits can be a tough task. Some of the online dry fruit stores endeavor to deliver this goodness right at your doorstep. Buy dry fruits that are naturally resistant to any spoilage. Consider buying packs that can be easily stored. For decades building and flourishing on wholesale operations, now the physical stores are foraying into the online space for offering dry fruits online. They aspire to reach out to consumers across the country with an exciting array of Indian and imported dry fruits with unmatched assortments and mouth-watering variations.

Dried raisins, dried apricots, and dried mangoes can be bought from dry fruits online store or online sweet stores.  Dry fruits online stores offer different varieties of dry fruits and nuts, starting from the traditional and the classic, such as plain and salted nuts to exciting new flavors like mint, chocolate and ginger. The top end online stores source the basket of dry fruits and nuts from the top-notch quality growers, and cleaned, sorted and packaged manually to ensure that their freshness and flavor is well preserved.  With  delivery options and innovative packaging that keep dry fruits and nuts fresh and free from impurities, these dry fruits and nuts can be sent across the country.

Most online dry fruits stores meticulously comply with the standards of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) at their cleaning and packaging facility. There is no worry of buying adulterated products, as most  follow a stringent quality control practices. This helps to ensure that the quality of delivery of dry fruits and nuts of premium quality and taste. Are you planning to buy dry fruits, nuts, and seeds? If yes, then online dry fruit stores are lined up rightly for you to look for the different varieties of dried fruits, nuts & seeds In India.

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Sweets are identified with every occasion in India.  With every festival and celebration being incomplete without sharing the sweets – its clearly  about the Indian’s love for sweets. India is one such nation where varieties of sweets are found. Each state has its own specialized sweets. If we can say Indian sweets are known in the world for their taste then we can also say South Indian sweets are known in India for their out-of-the-world taste and subtleness. There are a lot of commonalities among the ingredients and preparation of the sweets among the south Indian states, but the names vary according to the languages.

In Andhra and Telangana, Pootharekulu Kunda is a delicacy. The Boorelu , Poornau are made during festive occasions, using  Bengal gram, jaggery, coconut and cardamom powder, and are dipped in rice or gram batter and deep fried. Similarly the Pala Munjalu is a deep fried sweet which has the same filling that goes into Boorelu except that it is enclosed in rice flour dough that has been cooked in milk. An absolutely soft and melt –in- the- mouth sweet recipe.  The capital city of Andhra-Hyderabad is famous for – Double ka meetha.

When talking about Karnataka sweet what comes first to the mind is Mysore Pak, a fudge made with Chickpea flour, sugar and ghee. The other popular sweets include  the Dharwad Pedha, from Dharwad, Ele Kudubu or Kai Kadubu,  a succulent sweet from the interiors of Karnataka. The Kesaribhath is another speciality  made of rice (or semolina in southern karnataka) cooked with sugar/jaggery, cardamom, saffron, milk, dry fruits.   In Karnataka, it is a tradition to start your meal with a sweet.

Tamil Nadu is famous for the various payasams like Elaneer Payasam, Aval Payasam, Parrupu Payasam, Chakka Pradaman- jackfruit kheer, Thengai Payasam. Parangai Kai halwa- yellow pumpkin jaggery halwa are other sweets prepared in Tamil Nadu.  Besides this, the Pal Poli is another popular dish made of maida rotis and  deep fried and then immersed in milk.

Sweets of God’s Own Country, Kerala are rich with taste of coconuts. Chakkapazham Varattiyath is a famous sweet form Kerala made with Ripe Jackfruits, Ghee and Jaggery. Unniyappam is a very popular snack prepared from rice, sugar, jaggery and ghee. Keralites prepare it mainly during some festivals like Vishu or during family functions. 

No matter what the occasion or region, there is a mithai to suit that celebration. If you are craving for a delicious sweets, all you need to do is go online. Buying sweets online is a convenient option for those who hate to stand in queues. Online sweets order is easy and simple. Visit Indian sweets online and order your favorite, while of course ensuring they are milavat-free. It’s just a click away.
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Gone are the days of ordinary birthday parties, which usually comprised of just a cake cutting ceremony. Today themed and gender specific birthday parties are in vogue. They are quite popular among kids and parents as it helps not only to add glitz and glamor but also raise the entertainment quotient. But there is a glitch. When organizing gender specific birthday parties, parents and kids have to either go for all boys or all girls parties. And even themes are chosen along those lines. For instance, princess birthday parties for all girls party and monster trucks themed birthday for all boys parties. But what about those kids who have both boys and girls as friends? Normally,‘friends’ are excluded based on their gender.This is definitely not good where kids are not able to celebrate their birthday or be a part of the birthday celebration because of gender. This thinking led to gender neutral birthday parties where kids can invite both boys and girls for birthdays.

Gender neutral birthdays no way means that the parents have to ignore the personal likings of the birthday kid and instead pick up only those themes, colors and items that are neutral in nature, with no leanings towards any gender. If the parents go along those lines for the kid’s party, they will end up hosting a dull and boring party for their kids. A birthday party without bright colors, attractive images and beautiful themes would take away the charm of the party. The best way to show neutrality is to include both boy and girl-gendered items and make the party visually appealing and interesting.

However, today this is quite difficult to organize because everything now available is gendered. But with the help of professional event planners gender neutral birthday parties can be easily planned and organized. Estique, one of the leading Birthday Party Decorators in Hyderabad, offer helpful suggestions to help you choose the right theme with appropriate color scheme and décor for the party. For instance, animation is something that both girls and boys like. A prince and princess themed birthday party, Chutki and Chota Bheem themed birthday party, or cars themed birthday party would be apt for the occasion. Unlike earlier times, where either the prince or the princess was considered as the central theme, this time equal prominence is given to both the prince and the princess. Same is the case with Chutki and Chota Bheem. Instead of Chota Bheem getting all the attention, Chutki is also made part of the theme and décor. Similarly, cars, often considered as boys’ favorite, are favored by many girls as well. In that sense, cars themed birthday party can be considered as gender neutral.

Estique can help parents a lot in this regard. Thanks to their expertise and experience they can come up with gender-neutralized themes that add to birthday parties the same fun, excitement and joy as gender specific ones.

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