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Posted on October 28th, 2015, 6:21


When organizing birthday parties for kids, parents need to make sure of one thing and it’s not theme, color scheme, décor, food, or games. Not that these are not important elements for an incredible birthday party, but it is a fact that these alone would not guarantee an awesome kids party. There should be loads of fun as it is fun and merriment that every child remembers about a birthday party. Even if there is an awesome theme, beautiful décor, excellent color scheme or great ambience, if the kids did not have fun or enjoy a bit, then that birthday party is a failure for sure.

Most parents when organizing birthday parties for kids often give top priority for finding the best theme, décor, menu and games but fail to give prominence to fun and enjoyment, which is the essence of kids’ parties. It is often difficult for parents to think beyond the usual elements as they have no experience in organizing parties. In such a scenario, hiring the services of professional birthday organizers can help parents host the best party ever. Having abundant expertise in planning and organizing parties for kids, they can provide unique ideas and suggestions for amplifying the fun quotient. Here is a look at some of the means to up the fun element in kids’ birthday parties.

Emcee or a master of ceremonies is hired to amuse or entertain the children. Most emcees play the twin roles of a host as well as an entertainer. They engage the audience attention by telling jokes and anecdotes. Otherwise, they keep the event moving by presenting performers and informing the guests about the various entertainment or fun activities. They also guide the kids in performing activities.

Costumed Characters
People wearing character costumes are a great hit among children. From cartoon characters to real life characters, they add a lot of fun and enjoyment in birthday parties. You can select characters based on the theme that you have chosen for the party.

Music and dance are something that no party can do without. Let the kids dance to the latest songs by hiring a DJ for the party. Select a playlist that kids love to listen and dance. Also include karaoke so that kids can sing their favorite songs.

Magic Show
All children are fascinated by magic. Arrange a magic show and let the children see the world of illusion. Request the magician to teach the children one or two simple tricks so that they can impress their family and friends.

Estique, one of the leading birthday party organizers in Hyderabad, employ different means to augment the fun element in birthday parties. Apart from birthday cake ideas or boys/girls birthday party themes or fun and entertainment activities, Estique provides a plethora of suggestions for a bang on rocking party.

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