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Posted on December 17th, 2015, 0:35

Basketball is one complete sport – it exercises each of your body part and imbibes in great virtues like sportsmanship, cooperation, respecting others, integrity to name a few. If you want your child to imbibe there virtues, make her join basketball coaching and you are half way through your job. For mommies in Texas Katy Warriors Basketball is all you need. Katy Basketball is a non – profit organization founded by a few philanthropic coaches and staff who believed in an all round development of children via sports and other activities alongside education. It was established in Katy, Texas. It involves teams on girls in the age bracket of 13 to 17 years. Each team consists of 8 to 12 members. The motto held up by the programme is ‘All in’.

The organization teaches few core values to their children. It believes in a perfect balance between mental fitness and physical fitness. It also firmly upholds the belief that a sport can infuse competition within a child and can also increase both his IQ as well as EQ (emotional quotient). Thus, Katy Basketball prepares the children for the entire battle of life.

A prod member of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Katy girls Basketball is situated in the Southern Texas Region. The programme begins in March and works up till late July. Each of the coach and staff of the program works with each and every child and strive for his/her best performance. They guide them in and out, train them, sharpen their existing skills, teach them new skills, practice and play with them. Practices are done throughout the week and this is followed by monthly tournaments both in and outside Katy.

Katy girls basketball also involves volunteers from the community who wish to help the children learn and excel. Thus, the whole programme is based on the concept of community participation.

There are presently two coaches; each specialized in his own niche. Both of them focus on speed, agility and how to handle the ball. They are highly motivating teachers. Both of them have a philanthropic bent of mind and wanted to give back to the society. With Katy Basketball, your child is in absolutely safe hands. She learns a new sport while overhauling her personality.

Thus, if you want your child to develop an all round personality, get her enrolled in Katy Basketball now.


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