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Posted on February 25th, 2016, 7:30

Among several web design do-it-yourself types of platforms available these days to design your own website, one simply needs creativity and a web hosting service to do create the online presence. So simple, right? Not really and let me show you what I mean as it follows.

“You get what you pay for” is the expression that is most appropriate to mention here. If you are a small business owner then it is imperative that you realize how critical it is for your company to have the most professional and accurate online image in today’s market. Your company’s online image is the representation of your brand and online reputation. It is essential that you communicate your message clearly to your website audience about your business, its products, and offers. Moreover, all website content must not only be search engine friendly but also the website itself must offer easy navigation and overall user friendly experience once a potential customer arrives at your website.

Static websites are already a thing of the past – obsolete.  Today, websites must constantly offer new and most relevant content. The content must be innovative with consistent delivery schedule and it must be also be informative and interesting. The content must address its readers’ problems and offer innovative solutions.  A question such as, “what’s in it for me?” must always be addressed and answered to peak and maintain the interest of its readers.

After increasing the percentage of visitors to your website, the website must be designed to entice them into taking your desired action before leaving. Be the desired action calling the phone number advertised on the website, filling out the lead capture form, or adding a product to the shopping cart and paying for it if the site offers e commerce functionality.

Sophisticated concept coupled with modern technology is what helps develop such sophisticated systems which must only be developed and handled by the professionals and experts. Because, if armatures do it, they will most definitely not be able to include and handle all core components that guarantee the success of any successful web design. Businesses that fail to establish and maintain professional Internet and search presence never realize their full potential or receive the ROI. In other words, when it comes to your company image, you simply cannot afford to be penny wise and dollar foolish!  

In order to establish high quality and professional web presence, you need great understanding of information architecture, UI and UX,  aesthetics, SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the ability to develop web forms and plenty other technical skills. When you invest a month or six to learn how to design and develop a website properly then follow it by learning SEO, CRO, and Social Media Marketing, you simply delay selling your own product or service by a year or two. So, is that wise?

The more you will be distracted from focusing to market and selling your own product or service the more you will delay building your brand and generating sales and profits. A well-known reason of failing for most small businesses .

Why not pay a professional to do it for you so you can start developing your brand from day 1 as soon as you launch your business and start selling your product or service much faster to begin receiving the well-deserved ROI. And not only that, but also start building the residual return on your investment so you can start living your dream sooner. It’s that simple!

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