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Posted on May 20th, 2017, 13:34

Timely cleaning of your chimney is important to ensure the health of your family members. Regular sweeping prevents the accumulation of soot in the chimneys thereby eliminating chances of unfortunate incidents. Now, you can hire professional chimney sweepers who clear the ash and soot from the chimneys ensuring a healthy environment. Here are some of the services offered by chimney sweepers.

Services provided by chimney sweepers

  • Sweep with vacuum cleaner: If the chimney gets blocked by smoke, it comes inside the house causing discomfort. Chimney sweeping Norco service personnel bring with them brushes that easily get rid of this smoke. They also clean with vacuum cleaners if required. Cleaning with vacuum cleaners is preferred by many as this makes the flue completely smoke-free.

  • Free smoke test: After the chimney is cleaned and the soot removed, the cleaners do a smoke test without any charge. This ensures that the cleaning done is proper and the chimney works fine. The test also reveals if there is any fault that remained undetected before.

  • Removes animal nests: Animals often built their nests in chimneys which are difficult to remove. With sweep services, this is no more a problem. They have special equipments to remove the nests and check if there is any blockage due to these. After the nest removal, a cap is installed in the chimney.

  • Unblock fireplaces: Apart from cleaning the chimneys, the service staff checks if there are any blockages in the fireplaces. If yes, they unblock the stoves and open fireplaces. This is essential to be extra sure of your safety.

If you require help with cleaning your chimneys, you can hire chimney sweepers or Air duct cleaners Norco. They are dedicated workers who finish the task in minimum possible time and offer the best services ever.

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