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Posted on May 21st, 2017, 2:25

In my 50 plus years of carpet cleaning, I have never really seen such a thing as a carpet steam cleaner. The so-called “steam carpet cleaning” method is actually just a hot water sprayed on your carpet with a very strong cleaner mixed with it. Granted it pulls some dirt out of your carpet, but it also leaves cleaner in your carpet, which in turn collects dirt much faster than normal.

Carpet cleaning Norco use just a dry cleaner sprayed on your carpet and then wiped off with a soft cloth called a bonnet. No Rinsing. Our method just makes plain common sense. We first vacuum the carpet thoroughly, pre-spot all stains and then we pre-scrub the carpet with an alcohol based cleaner. The next step is to rinse the carpet to remove the dirt and the cleaner. The last step is to brush the carpet pile to a high fluff. If this method makes sense to you, then give Blodgett’s a call at 714-535-9456.

We have a very dedicated team of cleaners who make sure that your carpets look spotless. They bring all the equipment required for the process and do the work in just a couple of hours. The method used is quite reliable and we get good reviews from all the people who we have worked for.

No other methods of carpet cleaning ensure cleaner carpets for the longest time. The Upholstery cleaners Norco we use is not toxic and can be used in any household even those with children. You can contact us anytime of the day and we arrive at your doorstep whenever it suits you.

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