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The German Cockroach is a little species of roach with a size of about 1/2 inch to 5/8inch. They have a light brown color with 2 dark parallel lines that run through from the head down to the wings. Although this roaches have wings, but they are not able to sustain flight.

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The most common places where you can find these German cockroaches are in the bathroom, kitchen, and humid places. They can also be spotted in secluded, dark, and harborage areas like in the cupboards, in wall voids, and cabinets. These roaches have been known to carry out heavy infestations on electrical appliances such as radios and blender bases.


The German Cockroaches are mostly fond of causing invasion on food processing plants, restaurants, nursing homes and hotels, making them a very troubling pest.

They are very difficult to eliminate once they have become established in your home. The reason is that they produce thousands of immature roaches from their egg case. Also, the period between their birth and maturity period is very short. The mother cockroach carries this egg case around during this germination period, instead of dropping it just like other insects will do. Making the egg sac very safe from human eradication and predators.

OC German cockroaches are mostly seen at nighttime. They stay hidden in dark and areas that are secluded during the day. Due to their small sizes, the German cockroach can easily hide, therefore, making it difficult to find. When seen during daytime, it means that there is a large population and immediate action to eliminate them should be taken.


These insects are omnivore in nature and fond of sweet foods, meat and grease. They also feed on leather, book bindings and wallpaper paste. In some situations, when they donít see enough foodstuffs to eat, they may start feeding on household items like glue, soap, paste or may even become cannibalistic and start eating the legs and wings of each other.


They carry different pathogens around so you need to get rid of them as fast as you can. These disease that they carry around can be easily transferred from filth, garbage, and decaying matter to dishes, foods, and kitchen wares. To assist in keeping these German cockroaches from your home, take-off all cardboard boxes carry out a constant cleaning routine. For chemical treatment in Orange County, we use techniques that are specifically created to eliminate cockroaches.

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