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November 2019

Posted on November 28th, 2019, 8:49

We often get asked what generates an insurance rate.  There are a few obvious factors like the type of car you drive and if you have any tickets or accidents on your driving record.  But one factor that is often overlooked is the aria you live in.  

For Example, if you are looking for Car Insurance near Santa Ana where our office is located you will have a better rate than nearly everyone that lives in LA County where insurance is just more expensive across the board.  Now on the contrary, if you are in certain zip codes in the south orange county often times it will be even cheaper as there may be less accidents in that zip code.

Often someone who is looking for an Auto Insurance quote in Santa Ana many will find that their rates are much cheaper then places like Newport Beach as there may be more accidents in a city with a higher population density like Santa Ana.  The value of the overall vehicles in Newport Beach will be high therefor when an accident occurs the claim will be higher. 

So not only will you often see better rates in locations with lower overall car values but we have seen that for overall premiums there is many Cheap Insurance choices in Santa Ana

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Posted on November 25th, 2019, 10:47

Of late, the number of divorces and splitting up is on the increase. Hence, there is a need for Austin couples therapist. You must find the right couples therapist. In the United States, there are only 14% who do Couples counseling Austinand only this much therapist are trained in the couple therapist.  Most of the therapists who offer this counseling are only practicing what they learned working with individuals. You must interview the therapist on the following lines:

The first question to be asked is whether they have enough training working with couples? Whether they have attended the seminars/classes on this. You should go for this only if you are satisfied with their qualifications.

You must also ask how many couples they have counseled in the last 12 months.

There are two types of theoretical perspective i.e. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFT) and IMAGO therapy. Depending upon the need of the couples either one of them will be applied. Please remember if the therapist does not apply a theory then you will not know where you are heading to and it will become a waste of precious resources, as well as, time.

You must also check whether the Austin psychologist works on communication skills. This is a tricky one. The therapist might give you a positive answer but he may not be indulging in one. According to researches, the couple should use "I" statements. However, other communication techniques do not work. Basically, communication is all about trust. If the couple does not trust their partner then the words coming out of them will not be listened to.

You must be careful in selecting the right Austin couples therapistBecause some of them might be working with individuals. Please remember only in extreme cases couples should be split and worked with them separately. Some of the examples are domestic violence, unprocessed trauma, and active substance abuse. Couples should be split-up to the maximum of 1 session for assessment purposes and this is acceptable. 

You must also see to that that the Couples counseling Austin does not take sides. Remember couples are systems i.e. interlocking gears that cannot be moved without the help of another.

The Austin psychologist should treat the couple as "Emotional Bond". But their emotional bond is not strong which causes distress among them. So, the therapist must focus on strengthening the bond. Else they will be wasting not only their time but also missing on the important point. 

Keep the above said in mind when you are going for a couples therapist so that you will find the right therapist and will be useful to you.


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Posted on November 23rd, 2019, 5:07

Are you thinking about replacing your old fuse panel or outdated breaker box with an upgraded electrical panel 100 or maybe 200 amps? Well if you are upgrading your electrical service panel it is always a good investment to make in the future of your homes electrical needs, wants or even safety. Old and out of date breaker boxes and fuse panels may not have the room for adding additional electrical wiring circuits in the house. Thatís in addition to already being an electrical hazard in your home. When upgrading your electrical panel you should consider a few things. Is a 100 amp breaker box going to be my best investment or should I go with a 200 amp breaker panel? And the answer to that question depends on several different things like the number of electrical wiring circuits you have in your home, the size of the home, what type of electrical circuits and devices are running in the home and are you thinking of adding anything electrical in the future like a finished basement, work shop or maybe a hot tub or electric car charger?

Have you set aside a budget for going with the larger 200 amp breaker panel upgrade or does the 100 amp breaker box upgrade fit your homes needs and into your budget more comfortably? These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself before consulting with a local electrician. Maybe you donít need to upgrade your electrical service panel box it could just need to be repaired. Average repairs to breaker panels can be a lot less expensive than replacing the entire breaker box. When double tapped neutrals are present in the electrical panel you can usually get away with adding an additional grounding bar in your electrical box. Some electrical inspections find oversized breakers which is commonly an inexpensive fix compared to the whole electrical panel being replaced. If you are adding a circuit and your breaker box appears to be full of breakers some breaker panel boxes will have a twin style or quad style breaker to add additional spaces to a breaker panel box that appears full. If for some reason these style of breakers wonít work for your electrical application you could always consider adding in a sub panel for additional circuits in your house.

Sub breaker boxes are additional breaker panels added when your main breaker box is full of circuits and you are wanting to add more circuits to your home. Either way you going with the decision of your homes electrical upgrade or electrical repair Edwards Electric LLC is a near by local electrician that can help determine the route that is best for you by involving you in the decision of your home. We are family owned and operated as well as being fully licensed and insured. Edwards Electric LLC is a trusted name in your community and around the entire greater Kansas City, Missouri area. Please give us a call or email us so we can get you on our customer convenient schedule! Call 816-214-7091 or email and get scheduled today!

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Posted on November 23rd, 2019, 3:50

When it comes to installing new ceiling fans or updating an existing ceiling fan you may want to consider a few things before you make the commitment or the purchase of the ceiling fan. First what type of ceiling fan are you looking to by? Ceiling fans have several different choices. The main types of ceiling fans are the ones that either hang from a down rod or hug the ceiling. So if you get a ceiling fan with a down rod, do you have enough head clearance when standing underneath the ceiling fan? Is your ceiling fan going to be to close to the ceiling? They make several different lengths of ceiling fan down rods to lower your fan if needed. Now that we know the height of our ceiling fan, we can know start thinking about the width of our ceiling fan.

The width of your ceiling fan is determined by the size of the room. For large rooms you will want a larger width fan and for smaller spaces you would want a shorter width fan. Are you looking to have a ceiling fan light kit with your ceiling fan or just the fan it's self? Now how are we going to turn our fan on? Are you switching your ceiling fan separate from your ceiling fan light fixture? Maybe a wall switch or two a remote control would also work or maybe just the pull chains on the ceiling fan? Does the location the ceiling fan is going to be installed have existing power or a ceiling fan rated box already? If not have you considered possible sheetrock damage in order to perform the task? Usually the guy you have screwing in the light bulbs you don't want patching your walls, if they will even perform this task.

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are about to invest into your homes electrical system. When looking for an electrician near me, consider Edwards Electric LLC a local electrician to the area. We are a family-owned and operated residential electrical company out of Independence, Missouri and servicing the entire Kansas City metro area and surrounding. 

Give us a call at 816-214-7091 or check us out online at

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Posted on November 21st, 2019, 2:55

Radiation safety training should be the imperative part of any organization whose work puts the environment, employees, and others at risk for radiation exposure. The materials containing radioactive are used in various industries and sciences all over the globe, which also includes industries such as pharmaceutical and medical fields, scientific research, physics, mining, biology and various other fields which are beneficial both for our planet and humans.

This puts thousands of researchers, employees and the ones exposed to the radiation with close proximity to radioactive materials, this is why training is essential. 

How Radiation Training does take place in the working environment?

The majority of harmful substances get exposed to the radiation in their place of work which results in an accident because of the lack of safety culture at the workplace. The employees and managers who would not know about the safety features will have:

  • Radioactive substances or materials in the workplace
  • The risk of getting exposed to the radiation
  • What can be done in case of radioactive contamination, spill, accident, etc.
  • Available materials for protection

The safety from radiation is everything about proactive prevention and education with some training in regards to what can be done if any serious issues take place. 

Advantages of safety awareness and training

The benefits of the safety culture of a company are many. Most importantly, training to aware will save a lot of lives. This comes in various forms which include:

  • Observing the state, federal and local rules of radiation
  • Maintaining the current licensures and certifications
  • Safety meetings weekly
  • Thorough testing and training in regards to operating procedures and skills
  • Incentives for all the employees

Basic radiation safety training can either be handled in house and informally, but should also comprise of the formal training and education

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Posted on November 7th, 2019, 12:41

There are many reasons why it is so important in South Florida to keep your roof clean . A clean roof can actually save you money on your utility bills. If your roof is dirty, covered with mold and algae, the sun isnít able to reflect off of it. They are causing your home to absorb more heat, making the temperature of your roof much higher than it needs to be. This means your house is heating up more than it should be.

Allowing your roof to be overgrown with mold and algae goes much deeper than it looking dirty. Mold and algae can actually eat your shingles and rot the wood. Unfortunately, here in our climate is the perfect breeding ground for these types of issues. Having your roof cleaned on a regular basis is key in the longevity of your roof.

Cleaning your roof can help prevent unwanted pests from taking up residence in your home. The smell of rotting wood actually attracts animals.

You can also dramatically Better your curb appeal and home value by having your roof cleaned. A dirty roof not only detracts value from your home, but if youíre selling, a potential buyer will be turned off by a dirty roof.

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